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Calgary Irrigation Products & Manufactures

Underground Irrigation Systems Product Manufactures we sell in Calgary

We sell irrigation parts at our store at #9, 141 Commercial Dr, Calgary, Alberta T3Z-2A7

We sell: irrigation electric valves, PVC pipe , Polyethylene pipe (LDPE, MDPE HDPE), sprinkler heads (rotors, sprays), Drip line, sprinkler nozzles, swing joints, swing pipe, battery operated irrigation timers, controllers (wifi, indoor, outdoor, battery), wire (#18 ga, #14 ga, #12), valve boxes (Carson, Rain Bird, NDS), low volume spray nozzles (Toro H20 Precision),  low volume rotating nozzles (MP Rotators), wireless and wired rain and freeze sensors.  We also sell plumbing supplies required to install a residential irrigation system which includes: 3/4" & 1" Double Check Valve Assemblies (DCVA), shut off valves (ball valves and gate valves), PEX pipe, brass fittings, copper fittings and pipe,  PEX and poly B crimp rings.

Hunter Hydrawise Wifi Enabled Smart Controller

MP Rotator Sprinkler Nozzles

Pressure regulated sprinkler canisters

Rain Bird VB Series Valve Boxes

Hunter Industries Irrigation Supplier Rainbird Irrigation Systems Calgary Toro Supplies Irritrol supplier
Hunter MP Rotator
MP Rotator MP1000
Nozzles Precision Series Spray Nozzles
Precision Series Spray Nozzles
Spray Heads
I-PRO Spray Heads
Hunter Controller Rain Bird Toro TMC-212 sprinkler Controller
Hunter Wireless Rain / Freeze Sensor Rain Bird
Rain Sensor
Irritrol Wireless Rain Sensor
Hunter valve for lawn sprinklers Rainbird DV electric valve
Irritrol Valve

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